UBI Team joining Institutional Assessment and Studies

Effective December 17, 2019 the UBI team will transition from the Vice President for Finance, Melody Bianchetto, to the Associate Provost & Director of Institutional Assessment and Studies (IAS), Christina Morrell. 

With completion of the MRP in summer 2018, the VP for Finance consulted with several other parties to determine that in its operational state,  UBI would best align with other University data management activities.  The goal of this shift is to create a redefined, cohesive unit that leverages the knowledge, expertise, tools, and capabilities of available IAS and UBI resources to more effectively and efficiently support the University’s mission. 

One expected benefit of this move is establishing a primary central resource to support schools and administrative offices’ need to access and analyze data.  Together with IAS, we will serve as a hub for the University’s analytics community’s interests, facilitate discussions regarding the effectiveness, clarity, and consistency of available reports, assess possible changes in practice, continue to support finance reporting, and remain engaged in UVAFinance's Finance Strategic Transformation project. 

The unit will also begin to implement a data governance model in the Academic Division.  Building on work this past year on this topic, we will develop the mission and purpose of the model and identify the appropriate academic and administrative institutional data sets to include in scope.

There are a number of details to manage, including the integration of the UBI and IAS teams and establishment of a data governance model.  Implementation steps should be defined by early spring 2019, with full roll-out occurring during the 2019 calendar year, with continual collaboration and communication with academic and administrative partners. 

The UBI team will still focus on all their reporting areas and will continue to support their broad user base.  We invite your questions and appreciate your support as we move forward with this change.  We look forward to continuing and deepening our relationship with you!