Introducing the UBI User Hub

With the User Hub you'll  find a new way to view modules.  You can see apps/modules you have access to in addition to ALL modules that are available in UBI.  This gives you the opportunity to discover new modules that can be helpful to you and your work.

Learn Something New

As evaluations and goal setting are underway it’s a great time to learn something new. Our online trainings are always available and now in Workday.

UBI Team joining Institutional Assessment and Studies

Effective December 17, the UBI team will transition from the Vice President for Finance, Melody Bianchetto, to the Associate Provost & Director of Institutional Assessment and Studies (IAS), Christina Morrell. 

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UBI & QA Data Warehouse

In parallel to the UBI rollout, the Data Architecture team started migrating ETL code to the QA Data Warehouse.

Major Release (April 2017)

The UBI team is excited to announce the latest major release of UBI which includes:

  • *New* GA Summary BBA-Annual Budget (wide release)
  • *New* Installment Funding Summary (wide release)
  • *New* SIS GL Accounting Recon (limited release)
  • Updates to GA Summary BBA

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UBI February Update

Don't miss these updates in our recent releases: 

UBI Winter Releases Bring New Modules and Features

The UBI team has continued work to increase the vakue of the University's data through the development of new modules and enhancements to previous modules.


This winter's releases have resulted in two new modules:

Diverse and Complex Analytics Needs? UBI is Here to Help!

The UBI Team is partnering with schools and units to develop analytics that enable process improvement and clearer insight into operations. Known as UBI Engage, this consulting framework offers users an array of services to custom tailor their reporting needs. See the following graphic and information below for more details!

UBI 5.0 released Wednesday, July 5!

Major Release - UBI 5.0 (July 2017)

On Wednesday, July 5, 2017, the UBI Team delivered the newest major release of the University Business Intelligence (UBI) reporting platform - UBI 5.0! The new release is a big step forward for the UBI reporting tool, adding three brand new SIS modules, two new LD History modules, and updates to two existing modules.

The newest - and 9th - release for the UBI reporting environment, UBI 9.0, introduces two new SIS modules -  SIS_SR_Grading Reports and SIS_SR_Student Info.

UBI 9.0 Delivers Two New SIS Modules (October 2017)

The newest - and 9th - release for the UBI reporting environment, UBI 9.0, introduces two new SIS modules -  with SIS_SR_Grading Reports and SIS_SR_Student Info.

Major Release UBI 7.0 (August 2017)

UBI 7.0 is the 7th and newest major release for the UBI reporting environment. Three new modules make their debut in UBI 7.0; SIS_UGRAD_Admission, Conflict of Interest, and GL_Balances. A highlight for this UBI release is the Conflict of Interest module, which allows Administrators to determine which Principal Investigators need to update their compliance training or submit a new disclosure.

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UBI Release (September 2016)

Updates to Current GA Modules and Addition of Reference and Installment Modules

The latest UBI release is now available, and includes two new UBI modules and an update to the current GA modules.

UBI 14.0 Delivers 4 New Modules and 6 Module Enhancements (February 2018)

UBI 14.0 delivers four new modules (Accounts_Receivable; SIS_SR_Term Active Reports; SIS_SR_Athletic Monitoring (UREG Only); SIS_SR_Course_Catalog; Travel_Expense)  and 6 module enhancements. All of the new modules and module enhancements found in UBI 14.0 are the following:


Initial GL Modules Released

The UBI development team is pleased to release the initial modules related to GL reporting.

Modules available:

UBI 11.0 Packed with 6 New Modules and 7 Module Enhancements (November 2017)

On November 17th, the 11th release of the UBI reporting tool was released! As we head towards the Thanksgiving holiday - with six new modules and 7 enhancements to existing modules - UBI 11.0 continues introducing new SIS modules and improving current SIS modules.

UBI Offers Additional Refresher Training Sessions

The UBI Team is providing additional UBI Refresher Training sessions for users looking to brush up on their UBI knowledge. Led by a UBI Training Developer, these sessions focus on reviewing the basics of UBI functionality. Topics include navigating UBI, working in reports, creating Bookmarks, when to use Bookmarks versus MySheet, as well as other tips and tricks.

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UBI 13.0 Introduces 3 New Modules and 8 Module Enhancements (January 2018)

On January 22, the UBI Team introduced the 13th and newest release of the UBI data reporting tool. UBI 13.0 delivers three new modules (SIS_SF_SAFM_Health_Subsidy_Action; GA Summary BBA-UVA Wise Only; and GL Cash Balance Summary All Years)  and 8 enhancements to existing modules.

Major Release (January 2017)

After months in development and fastidious feedback from users, we’re excited to increase the functionality and datasets available within UBI for this release. The January release included:

UBI 10.0 Introduces 2 New Modules and 7 Module Enhancements (October 2017)

UBI 10.0 is the newest - and second - release of the UBI reporting tool to be delivered in October, and with it comes the introduction of 2 new modules: SIS_SR_Advisor_Advisee_Milestones and the UFM and Budget Reporting module.