Major Release-Sept 2016

In September 2016, Managerial Reporting will deliver a major UBI release—the first since the June 2016 go-live. MRP’s Agile approach to UBI development gives stakeholders ongoing opportunities to provide improvement requests—which are an important part of this first release. At a high level, this release includes three new modules:

  • GA Reference module
  • Installment Modifications report
  • Work-Study audit tool
    • utilizes LD and SIS data—the first SIS data available in UBI
    • an example of how the tool can integrate data from different data sets

With this release, UBI’s existing GA modules will begin using data from the Enterprise Data Warehouse. This change will be generally transparent to users (primarily a technical change that will add consistency to certain field names). There will be some impact on bookmarks and MySheet objects that have been created to date but the UBI team will work closely with impacted users to make the transition as easy as possible.

Currently in development/Next release (goal: mid-October):

  • Cash Balance Module (balances by org, revenue project, fund category/type)
  • GL Journal Entry Line Detail (GL transaction level detail)
  • Enhancements to existing modules based on user feedback