Featured Users February 2017

UVA is fortunate to have many dedicated employees who are willing to wear many hats . . . and the UBI team is fortunate to interact with many users who don’t mind wearing just one hat more.  Two of those productive, multitasking individuals were recently recognized as featured users with in the UBI Community.  Their experience with UBI is an inspiring one, showing how collaboration and willingness to share feedback makes everyone’s experience better.

Linda Donohue. Budget and Finance Specialist, University Advancement

Rhonda Ruff, Office Manager, Mountain Lake Biological Station

It's clear that Linda Donohue of University Advancement and Rhonda Ruff of the Mountain Lake Biological Station see the work they do as something more than a function. They both want to take part, create, and make things better at the University.  Their adoption of and contributions to UBI are what's making its implementation something special, something more than just a tool. By engaging with UBI and improving how we do things, they are making the University a more agile, innovative, and attuned place to work.

As an office manager at the Mountain Lake Biological Station, Rhonda Ruff performs a variety of financial reporting for the station and regularly interacts and informs faculty on those reports.  Like many users, one of the first things she notes is how, thanks to system responsiveness, she can easily explore data.However, Ruff has gone beyond just using the tool: she actively contributes to its improvement by posting to the UBI Community and providing the development team with the feedback needed to create reports and modules that deliver value to users. In fact, her question about YTD Budget Management is being worked on right now!  Ruff has shared valuable feedback on everything from future reporting requirements to how the team could better help users through more mapping of Discoverer to UBI.

Like Ruff, Linda Donohue has been a star UBI user for a while. You would never know that even she had initial apprehensions.   "I wasn't a believer at first, but now I am!" said Donohue, who has helped test UBI, engaged in the UBI Community, and continually supported her colleagues in the use of UBI. Donohue has seen UBI changing the way she works; when she does bottom line payroll reporting, she has found it makes the process much easier. Donohue has also served the integral role of tester, validating modules and making sure the development team gets requirements right.

The UBI team has been able to accomplish a lot just on the feedback of these two users.  Imagine the possibilities if all UBI users were active with the Community, posting questions, helping colleagues, and sharing solutions they’ve found.  We encourage all UBI users to check out the UBI Community, and to ask questions and share ideas.