Featured User Helps With Migration to UBI

With the Discoverer sunset for Grants Administration (GA), General Ledger (GL), and Labor Distribution (LD) data reporting set to occur August 31, 2017, the adoption of UBI for reporting has been a steady transition - and learning process - for many GA, GL, and LD Finance users over the past fiscal year. With such an abundance of data to move from one system to another before a deadline, those who have helped with data migration for each department should be recognized. Joshua Breeden, our Featured UBI User for July, assisted in leading his department's UBI migration efforts from Discoverer. We hope that his work will inspire others and their respective areas to continue towards University-wide UBI adoption.

As Staff Accountant within Financial Operations & University Reporting (formerly the Comptroller's Office), Josh assists with reviewing the department's Discoverer reports, documenting the data and information, then migrating the data into UBI. "My actual position is mostly in Accounts Receivable. That module is not in UBI yet, so I teamed up with Malika (Ouenza, Business Intelligence Analyst) to do an extensive review of everyone's Discoverer reports and documented everything from their reports, and then migrated those reports over to UBI. GL Balances just came out recently, so we were able to get some of those converted. Most of my work in UBI right now is doing the migration, and I use it all the time."

Featured User Josh Breeden (L), with Matthew Douglas, Training Developer for Managerial Reporting

With any change from the status quo to something new, there may be a level of reluctance among whom the change is occurring - especially those with years of familiarity in the same routine. That is no different with the transition from Discoverer to UBI for data reporting. Josh helped dispel any fears and hesitation of fellow users by showing side-by-side comparisons of the software running similar reports. "This [UBI] is so much faster," says Josh, of what he tells new users, as he sits with them, running their reports for the first time in UBI. "We run the report in Discoverer so they can compare. They go in, select the report they want to run, and their UBI report is done, ten minutes sometimes before their Discoverer report. That's always my go-to - Your life will be easier with UBI."

Favorite Feature

  • The customization of UBI: Being able to tweak all these reports. The customization ability is huge, to be able to pull the different information.

Tip for Users

  • One thing I just discovered last week, since I've been making different MySheet reports, is this object called a Container. It's like a folder, where I can just place everything for a person. That was a huge revelation for me.


This story was originally featured on the UBI Community.