Featured User Champions UBI Transition for the UVA Physicians Group

Our Featured User for the month of August is Loraine Pelzer of the UVA Physicians Group (UPG). In her role as the Financial Operations Manager, Loraine helped champion the transition from Discoverer to UBI within the UPG.

Pelzer primarily uses UBI for General Ledger (GL) reporting. UPG had been running Discoverer GL reports for over 16 years, so initially there may have been some reluctance in adopting a brand new reporting software after close to two decades running Discoverer.  “Validating the new UBI reports was a bit of a challenge,” Pelzer said. “UBI is so different from Discoverer and there definitely was a learning curve.”

UPG had also used Discoverer for pulling transactions out of Oracle that originated from UVA A/P, ISP, and the Labor Distribution module, in order to record them in their General Ledger. So it was important that all the data elements UPG needed to transfer the information accurately were available in UBI.

“The UBI Team reached out to me to be a champion for the transition and helped us along the way to prepare for the Discoverer sunset.” Pelzer admitted. She appreciated the team meetings and check-ins from the UBI Team, which kept her area on track through the transition from Discoverer.

“I was a little apprehensive about using the UBI Community forum to post questions,” she admits, “but found that people had answers I needed and the response time was much better than I expected.”

She added that additional guidance was also available for one-on-one learning, if needed. “Once I got acclimated to how UBI works, I found creating reports in UBI has actually been easier than creating them in Discoverer.

“I still find it a little tricky to determine when the data has been refreshed in UBI and custom reports are too easily altered by accidental clicking or clicking in the wrong areas,” Pelzer says. “The MySheet tab gets crowded if you have a lot of custom reports and you cannot see the data very well without exporting it to Excel.”

“There are still data elements that we would like to see in UBI, but the UBI Team has been great about researching what we need and providing solutions.” She noted the importance of a successful transition to the UPG since the area depended heavily on getting their information from Discoverer and reconciling between the two systems needed to be achievable.

“Overall it went smoothly and I thought the UBI Team was organized, responsive and handled the project well.”