Featured User Administers UBI to UVA School of Medicine

Our current UBI Featured User is Lena DeLiso, Senior Financial Analyst in the UVA School of Medicine. Lena helped bring UBI to the SOM and instructs others in her department - even creating one of the first instructional guides uploaded to the User Content space on the UBI Community. She currently uses UBI for reviewing projects and transactions within the School.

"UBI’s BBA by task is very useful for a department in the School of Medicine because we use computing ID tasks for transactions."  She also uses a ‘My Sheet’ modified report that pulls in the project completion date into the BBA by child org that she notes is good for reviewing old projects with zero balances that could be end dated and then closed. "It can also be used to review projects from other orgs - such as the Dean’s Office - that will be ending soon but have balances."

Elena attended both the Intro and Advanced UBI classes, as well as Tips and Tricks sessions and Office Hours the UBI Team administers to users across Grounds. "The general class and then the advanced class were informative," she says, "and the Tips and Tricks sessions plus the UBI discussions at the monthly Fiscal Administrators meetings kept the learning fresh." While she praised the training classes and follow-up learning opportunities, she admits the Office Hours worked the best for her as the one-on-one instruction tailored the learning to what her specific questions were.

Of the attributes users rave about UBI, the quickness of running reports may be the most noted of the software tool. Lena agrees. "Running reports in UBI is very fast compared to Discoverer, [and I'm] looking forward to seeing HR reports in UBI."

She also offers a helpful tip for other users when running reports in UBI: "The ability to exclude closed projects using the button on the left side cuts down the noise if you are wanting to just look at active projects."

Lena also finds the resources of other users' knowledge and the UBI Community helpful for learning more about utilizing UBI to the fullest. "It is interesting to hear from other users across Grounds in the UBI Community as it is easy to become isolated in our own ways of looking at things."