August Date Selected for Initial Discoverer Sunset



We tend to think of the decommissioning of Discoverer of as a far-off event, but the sun will soon (gradually) set, and the time for users to transition to UBI for their reporting needs is now!

August 31 is the planned sunset of GL/GA/LD reports within Discoverer, and December 31 is the planned sunset of SIS reports within Discoverer. As those dates quickly approach, the UBI team will continue to assist schools and units across Grounds with the transition to accessing those reports within UBI.  Ask anyone who’s become an active user of UBI, and you’ll likely hear that the reports may be the same, but the increase in speed, navigation, and ease is quite a bit different (and a lot better!). Usage data supports the overall enthusiasm for UBI. To date, 913 users have been trained; of this group, 63% are considered active.

Institution-wide, reliance on Discoverer finance reports is decreasing, but a gap exists between those who have the ability to use UBI and those who are actually using it on a regular basis. Because Discoverer is still available, it can be easy to opt for the more familiar process, even if something better is available. In order to overcome this natural and understandable inertia, some schools and units within UVA have committed to earlier UBI adoption goals. The Frank Batten School and the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) both ceased usage of Discoverer for GA/GL reports a full six months ahead of the official deadline.   UVAFinance has set a goal of June 1 to have all of their departments’ users transitioned from Discoverer to UBI for GA, GL, and LD.

From an online community where users can ask questions and interact, to specialists within the schools and units, to regularly-scheduled and meaningful training and workshops, the UBI Team has endeavored to make the transition as pain-free as possible.

For schools and units that seek to increase UBI adoption in their area ahead of the sunset of Discoverer, the UBI team is standing by to help. Email them at to get started!