Vijay Adusumilli

Vijay Adusumilli
QA and Testing Lead

Vijay is a native of Vijayawada, India - known for one of the hottest climates, as well as spiciest of foods (he's a self-proclaimed 'food junkie') - in all of India. While he jokingly claims his hometown was named after him, it's a fact that Vijay is serious about data validation. After graduating with his Bachelor's degree in India, he spent two years working for TATA Consultancy Services (TCS), before embarking to the United States for graduate school. Earning his Master's in Industrial Engineering from Clemson University, Vijay then joined the Managerial Reporting Project team at the University of Virginia, where he's been for over a year.

As QA (Quality Assurance) and Testing Lead, Vijay validates the data that enters the Data Warehouse for completeness, transformation, and quality, in addition to regression, performance, scalability, and integration testing. Given the complex source systems, ETL processes and target systems, Vijay finds challenge - and equal reward - in idenitifying the possible pitfalls, errors and failures before they actually occur and affect users.

While he's a proud Clemson alumnus and a Clemson Tigers football fan for life, Vijay recently jumped onto the NFL's Houston Texans bandwagon after they drafted Clemson's national championship-winning quarterback Deshaun Watson (the Texans also claim 4 former Tigers on their roster). Vijay is also an avid DotA2 (strategy-based online game) player - and was globally-ranked at one time.