Updates to Current GA Modules and Addition of Reference and Installment Modules

UBI Release (September 2016)
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The latest UBI release is now available via the UBI Access Point.  It includes two new UBI modules and an update to the current GA modules.


  • GA Reference Module provides various Project and Award attributes and metrics, including the names and start dates of key role holders, Award & Project start & end dates, status, etc. All Award and Project history is included in this module.  It also includes the Award-Project-Task Combinations report, the Expenditure Types report, and the Change Request template for mass key role updates.
  • GA Installment Modifications Module includes new Award Installment information as well as changes to installments made by specific Central Offices to state, local, endowment, gift, capital and F&A awards.


  • UBI’s existing GA modules now use data from the Enterprise Data Warehouse. This change will be generally transparent to users (it is a technical change - now the ODS “feeds” the Enterprise Data Warehouse which supplies the data to UBI).
  • Field names have been updated to be more meaningful to end users.  Due to this change, bookmarks and MySheet objects created before this release may need to be recreated.
  • Some additions requested by users and minor bug fixes have been included.


Quick reference guides, detailed release notes, into videos and other support materials are available in the UBI Community (for active UBI users).