Tommye Arnold

Tommye Arnold
System Usability Analyst

Serving at the University of Virginia for just over two decades, Tommye began her time with UVA in the Dean’s Office for the School of Medicine as a temp employee, developing her IT career through various roles at the University. Before relocating to Florida in 2013, she also served as Senior Associate Comptroller for 10 years. Currently based in Florida, Tommye assists with the Managerial Reporting Project while working for Enterprise Applications.

In her position as System Usability Analyst, she serves as internal functional expert for the entire MRP team. Tommye enjoys being able to apply her past functional knowledge to a new more technical role, finding reward in the IT aspects of her work and getting the chance to increase those skills.

Tommye is a national-level bodybuilder who is currently transitioning to powerlifting. She and her husband own a gym in the Daytona Beach area, and she hopes to compete in her first meet by year's end.