November Featured Users

Change is always a little difficult, regardless of how good one gets at it and the ability to embrace something new, dig in, and explore is invaluable but often takes time and commitment. 

This is what what make Tanya Johnson and Katherine Winters (Katie) outstanding as our featured users this month, they both genuinely  have a drive to learn and inquire, and they use that to their advantage when getting to know UBI. Like many of their UBI colleagues, they noted how valuable  UBI’s functionality is in saving them time. However, something special is happening for both of them, perhaps a credit to their inquiring minds.  During the conversation both highlighted that UBI allows them to go beyond reporting and perform analysis.

               Katie Winters

The ability to give answers to faculty and staff at any time because UBI is so fast and it is flexible with so many ways to filter data or get the answer. In discoverer there is set parameters and there is only one way and also it's very slow. The flexibility of the tool is great.  When I look for data there is so many ways data is connected and you can see that in UBI reports opposed to Discoverer reports. I learn so much through the way it is mapped and set up and motivates me to explore more on my own.”

Beyond deriving the most value from the data, asking questions and searching for answers is a great way to gain expertise in UBI and the data behind it. A helpful asset when considering the Batten School, where Katie works,  along with the Engineering school, have pledged to completely discontinue use of Discoverer for Finance reporting by the end of February 2017.

                      Tanya Johnson


Tanya echoed this ability to dig deeper, specifically the ability to view trends. As someone new in her department, it’s been invaluable to be able to look at data over multiple periods, so she  can discern what is normal and what might be an anomaly from past years.  Her enthusiasm and willingness to learn are helping her quickly become an expert and resource to others. In fact, she was helping another user create a bookmark as the team walked in to visit. She  looks forward to expanding her knowledge and investigating how to use pie charts to easily display data for her department chairs.

Advice for other users?

  • Start “playing” with it now and be patient. If you take some time to work in the system, you will learn how to use it for your needs.  She also suggests repeating the Intro class if needed and/or taking a UBI Workshop. (Tanya)
  • It might be a slow start and take time but it is totally worth it. (Katie)