Navya Kommalapati

Navya Kommalapati
ETL Developer

Navya is originally from Hyderabad, India, known for the Indian cuisine dum biryani, as well as the largest IMAX screen in India, and one of the largest diamonds in the world (Kohinoor). Hyderabad is also one of the fastest-growing IT cities in India, attracting global companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo, Oracle, Accenture, Nokia, Dell, and AMD, among others, to the city.

Navya earned her Bachelor's while in India before relocating to Alabma to receive her Master's Degree. She worked for 4 years as an ETL Developer prior to joining the University and Managerial Reporting. She's been with MRP for close to two years and loves working with the team. As an ETL Developer within the team, Navya's primary responsibilities are developing code in moving data from EBS to Warehouse. She loves to learn new technologies and expand her skill set. The most challenging thing for her would be to identify risks in any process and try to overcome them before they actually happen.

Until the year before last, she and her husband used to go for small hikes, travel to new places and try new foods, but after their daughter Mahira came into their lives, they keep busy with her (Mahira turned 1 in August 2017). When Navya is afforded free time these days, all she wants to do is relax and watch a movie!