Jessica Rafter

Jessica Rafter
Community Manager

A Charlottesville native, Jessica graduated from the University with a Bachelors in Anthropology and shortly after found a career there.  Over the last ten  years her roles at the University have ranged from academic program management, research and planning, to  project and user management.

These experiences have cultivated a broad view of the University, their operations, and organizations in general. Her inquisitive nature and passion for continuous learning have led to a PMP and earning two industry awards.

With this background it is unsurprising she now serves as a Community Manager for University Business Intelligence Community where she connects users with information,resources, and peer to peer connection while facilitating change, product communications and development, and user feedback.

Living in Atlanta, Jessica takes advantage of the vibrant arts and cultural scene and is a frequent traveler. When not in the pottery studio, painting, or behind a camera, she can be found riding her bicycle or playing ukulele to her dog.