January 2017 Featured Users


·       Debra Scott, Purchasing Specialist, Dept. of Chemistry

·       Colleen Speakman, Grants Administrator, School of Medicine


Debra (With [Christopher Birkl] of the MRP team) receiving the coveted UVA orange mug.


The first thing we noticed upon meeting Debra Scott is her joy and enthusiasm for what she does. Debra was excited to share how UBI has helped her to quickly and efficiently validate the PTAEO of orders in the Chemistry Department storeroom, where she works.

“It’s so quick!” she exclaimed, comparing the new process to what she did in Discoverer, in which she was accustomed to finding invalid PTAEOs after waiting to run the slow reports. That may be one reason why Debra didn’t even use Discoverer for the month of January, making her one of our first Featured Users for 2017.

Debra’s enthusiasm for UBI has spread to her colleagues. We spoke with [Danny Via], the Stockroom Manager, who was appreciative of the way UBI has decreased order errors. “Since switching to UBI, we have cut down PTAEO errors 90%” he told us, explaining how Debra’s use of UBI has also inspired others to sign up for the Introduction to UBI course offered by the UBI team.

Colleen had the BBA Summary report up and running when we stopped by to give her goodies. 



Like Debra, Colleen Speakman of the School of Medicine also appreciates the speed and efficiency of UBI. “The more time I spend with it, the more I find how much it makes my job so much easier,” she said, pointing out the increased level of detail that she quickly has access to.

Colleen has found the LD reports, which were just released at the end of January, to be very helpful in analyzing and reporting on salary distribution.

As she digs deeper into the capabilities that UBI offers, Colleen has found the UBI Community to be helpful in providing the resources that she needs to get familiar with using the tool. Through reading posts by other power users, she has been inspired to use the tool on a more frequent basis. She’s already on track, showing the most days logged into the system (23!) for January to become another of our Featured Users for the month.

Pro Tip from Our Featured Users:

  • Take the initiative to explore and understand the UBI tool. The UBI Training Manual and other resources within the UBI Community are extremely helpful in clearing up any foggy memories from the Intro to UBI class! (Debra)
  • The information that meets your needs is most likely available; it just takes the drive to get into the system and learn how it works first-hand.   (Colleen)

Congratulations Debra and Colleen! Thank you for being outstanding members of the UBI Community!