Featured User Helps Bridge UBI Adoption Between UVA and College of Wise

Despite the geographical distance between the University of Virginia and UVA’s College of Wise (285 miles and change), the goal of adopting a new University-wide data reporting framework is the same. Though for those of us in Charlottesville, most collaboration with our colleagues at UVa Wise (four and a half hours southwest) occurs remotely. Learning and transitioning into a new reporting environment – and one whose resources are found online due to the geographical distance - may appear to be a daunting task. Yet we know at least one UVa Wise colleague up to the challenge.

Rhenea for UBI_0.jpg

UBI Featured User of the Month, Rhenea Niece

Becoming a UBI user at UVA’s College of Wise provides Rhenea Niece the opportunity of assisting the adoption efforts of her department from afar. She primarily utilizes UBI for running GL reports for year-end calculations. As one of the leading UBI users at UVa Wise, Rhenea also runs monthly GL reports and monthly BBA reports for her role within Accounting and Financial Reporting for the College at Wise.

Rhenea raves about the ease of use and customization of reports and projects within UBI, as well as another familiar “UBI is much faster to use than Discoverer.” She received both on-site and hands-on training with UBI training developers from UVA, which provided her with a well-rounded experience of learning the new software, despite the distance and potential learning curve.

As for suggestions to those Discoverer users across the University still on the fence about adopting UBI, even on the eve of the upcoming Discoverer sunsets? Rhenea advises them to continue using UBI, become familiar with how it works, and then tailor the reporting environment for their specific reporting needs. She is a prime example of collaborating across distances for achieving a common goal, and her enthusiasm will help the appeal of UBI and the UBI Community.

Favorite Feature

  • Ease of use and access: UBI is easier to enter the criteria you need and easier to switch between different reports and projects.

Tip for Users

  • After you retrieve your report within UBI, I recommend to re-organize your columns and to collapse columns that you don’t need so that only your info that you use is what you see (Rhenea).