Featured User: Diane Wendelken

Diane Wendelken, Senior Budget Analyst, School of Engineering and Applied Science

Diane Wendelken is not afraid of change.  “As soon as you find something better and quicker, it’s worth the exploration time to make it a habit,” she says. As one of two recently-recognized “Featured Users” of the University Business Intelligence system, Wendelken has embraced the new reporting environment without looking back. Wendelken uses UBI frequently in her role and has enjoyed its increased functionality and its speed, as compared to Discoverer, the reporting program being phased out.

“I hardly ever go back to Discoverer for reports,” she says. “It takes too long.”

Wendelken was chosen as a  Featured User because of her proactivity and willingness to help test new modules. Additionally, she advocates for UBI among users and helps them understand how UBI meets the current need.

 “Once people realize how easy it is and what the advantages are, they love it,” she says, adding that users should always be willing to ask questions within the UBI Community and to experienced users like herself and Grimm.

“Being helpful and encouraging is all part of what I do,” says Grimm.  “I’m happy to help.  We’re all learning, and we can all teach one another, too.”

Advice from Our Featured Users on Working with UBI:

  • Run UBI next door to Discoverer.  You’ll see how much faster it is, and you and also see the same numbers and feel confident.
  • Don’t labor alone when you don’t understand something within the system:  reach out for help!