December Sunset For Discoverer SIS Reporting

Mark your calendars and set your reminders! The planned sunset for Discoverer SIS reporting is scheduled for December 31, 2017 - only six months away! As the sunset period approaches, the UBI Team is ready for assisting schools and departments across Grounds with adopting the dynamic new reporting environment. Whether guiding users through running those familiar reports in UBI, or consulting with building custom reports that users may not have had an option to run in the past, the UBI Team is here to help! 

June 30 marks the planned release for UBI 5.0, which includes the release of three new SIS modules for the UBI tool:

  • SIS SF Aged Receivables
  • SIS FA Award Activity
  • SIS SF Item Summary

UBI 5.0 will also include these additional new modules:

  • GA Summary BBA Award Budget Annual Previous Fiscal Year
  • LD Pay Adj_Suspense_History
  • LD Schedules_History
  • OSP Proposals & Awards

Existing modules receiving enhancements or bug fixes to previous releases are the following:

  • LD_Pay_Adj_Suspense (enhancement)
  • GA_Analysis_Actuals_Commits (bug fix)

In the year to date, there is a 52% reduction University-wide in Discoverer reporting usage. More and more users are 'discovering' UBI for managing their data reports, and UBI adoption is increasing daily. Users new to UBI - as well as the early adopters - rave about the dynamic capabilities of the new reporting environment - from the search speed to the customization for ad-hoc reporting.

UBI is UVA's new enterprise reporting environment, with tools that support the University's needs for transactional reports, managerial reports, and executive dashboards. UBI leverages a foundational structure for data governance and stewardship to maintain data quality. Report data is pulled from an enterprise data warehouse, designed with robust data models that fully integrate and leverage data assets.

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