UBI User Voice: Debbie Rose and Wendy Morris

voice of ubi user

Debbie Rose and Wendy Morris from the E-School recently discussed their early UBI experience with the Managerial Reporting Project team. Here are the conversation highlights:

Managerial Reporting Project:  How has UBI improved the work you do?
Debbie Rose:
UBI has made finding the information I need a lot faster. We used to run several Discoverer reports. We’d regularly get kicked out of Discoverer while waiting for them to run. UBI reports have the information within a single report—and are so much faster.
Wendy Morris: UBI can help you find information much quicker than Discoverer. And you don’t have to wait nearly as long!

MRP: Can you share one tip you’d give other/future users?
DR: I would just go in and play around with it. It was confusing at first, but now I love it.
WM: You can’t break it, so there’s no sense in being afraid.

MRP: What other thoughts do you have about UBI?
WM: It is easy to find a specific transaction. During the 2015 vendor demonstrations, I was impressed that the Qlik team could find a specific transaction in their product demonstration.
DR: You just showed me UBI’s universal search. I didn’t even know that was there. I really like this feature! And it is easy to “click in” for much more info. We used to run BBA & Detail reports to match them up. Now it is all in one place. And we can customize reports to run BBA for just the awards we need.

MRP: Who was your Into to UBI trainer?
Julie Bird
WM: Matt Douglas and Linda Leshowitz

MRP: You get the last word…
When people get into UBI, they’ll find it is excellent for reporting.
DR: It’s so much easier to find accounts. Sometimes they are housed under other orgs, and previously they weren’t always easy to find. But now you can simply search by PI or Project and find the information. I am sure I will find more ways that UBI can help make my job easier. Still, there are a few things that I would tweak.
MRP: That’s good, because the UBI team plans for user-suggested enhancements and changes with each release.