Ashley Bagby

Ashley Bagby
Data Analyst

Ashley joined the Managerial Reporting team after beginning her career in the FInance and IT fields. She earned her Bachelor's in Latin at the University of Virginia then received her MBA from the VCU School of Business. After graduation, she started out as a finance manager in the non-profit sector, before spending the next 16 years in finance at General Electric. Soon after, Ashley returnined to her alma mater and joined Managerial Reporting at UVA in July 2015.

As Data Analyst for MRP, Ashley feels most rewarded when meeting with UBI software users, understanding their role at the University, and trying to figure out how the MRP Team can help them. She finds gratification when someone tells her that UBI has provided them do something more easily, more quickly, or more efficiently than before - or when she can help someone create a solution they haven’t been able to do before.

Ashley and her family love UVA athletics, and are avid followers of the the rowing, football, and men’s basketball teams. She enjoys cooking and knitting as they are creative activities - the process is fun, and the result is something useful and (usually!) enjoyable. In the near future, she hopes to travel more, study additional foreign languages, and learn to play the guitar.